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Words Made Easy Workshops

offered by Jill Ellis-Worthington

Pitching powerfully

You’re at a cocktail party, in line at the grocery store or a networking event and the inevitable question comes up: What do you do? Don’t stumble; don’t negate; don’t minimize. Be on point and pitch powerfully with a clear concise elevator pitch.

For effective networking, you need a –

  • Pitch – what you’ll say
  • Path – where you’ll say it and to whom
  • Plan – how you’ll work the rm and how you’ll convert conversations into leads and into business with effective follow-up

Hot seat coaching makes this interactive workshop a kinetic experience for the whole audience.

Punctuation can be painless

Grammar, punctuation and usage (what is that anyway?) can be fun. Did I see an eye roll? No, I mean it. If you hate to write because you feel ‘less than,’ then stop. In this talk, we discover the secrets to overcoming the most common mistakes that many professionals make in daily emails, reports and, yes, even their social media posts. In this interactive workshop, we’ll use small group work and worksheets to give participants a chance to learn and ask questions about their fears and foibles.

Communications Coaching with Jill Worthington from Write On Communication Services
Learn to network with Write.On Communication Services
Stay cool when the light shines on you with Write.On Communication Services
Stay cool when the light shines on you with Write.On Communication Services

Speak up

According to Forbes Magazine, women say no when asked to speak at conferences and events 50 per cent of the time, whereas men say yes 90 per cent of the time. Speaking in public need not be daunting because you can Talk like a Ted Talker. With my formula, you’ll be able to speak without notes to inspire your audience, so they’ll remember you and what you said. In this interactive workshop, we’ll highlight the need for a magnetic introduction to gain and keep audience attention. Hot seat coaching guides volunteers through the process of crafting dynamic intros to their speeches as examples for the audience.

7 seconds

That’s how long you have to make a good first impression. It’s time to get creative about setting yourself apart from the herd by using strategic communication planning to devise your own verbal brand. You’ll be saying the right words to the right people at the right times and in the right ways, which will be a powerful career growth tool.

Be a better blogger

You want to blog but there’s never enough time; you don’t know what to write about; you don’t feel like a good writer. We tackle the blogging Big Three using tested formulas in this workshop and get you on the road to being a better blogger.

Do it with dignity

Difficult conversations are well . . . difficult. How do you deliver bad news? What’s the best way to deal with a negative client? How can you phrase something to soften the blow? The right words, the right tone and the right phrasing will help. Scenarios used can be tweaked to make the information immediately valuable to the audience.

Look ma, I’m on TV

Everyone desires their 15 minutes of fame. So, if you want to be a media star or are called upon by your company to give interviews to the press, it’s time to learn the dos and don’ts of media relations.