Write.On Communication Services International is a BBB Accredited Communication Consultant in London, ON

Corporate Consulting

Working with Jill on a client project was wonderful. My agency required some external support for a large website in the SAAS space with very technical content. Jill understood the client and industry quickly and produced copy that had wowed our client. Not only did we produce copy that helped our client grow, but we’re still using much of that copy today in advertising campaigns and on social. Communication was easy and editing was a breeze.

Melissa McInerney, CEO and Chief Creative Officer, TBK Creative

Brandi McIlvenney from Sifton Properties

When you need to find the right words, call Write On! Collaborating with Jill comes with great ease due to her calming presence, professional demeanor, and ability to expertly curate communications. Jill is methodical, creative and offers great value to the businesses she collaborates with.

Brandi McIlvenny, Director, Residential Rentals, Sifton Properties Limited

Randy Oke
Oke Woodsmith Logo

I want to express gratitude from all of us at Oke Woodsmith for the help which you and your team gave our organization during the process of researching, writing, editing, designing and publishing our most recent publication of Distinctive Designs and creating emotional connection that will make our readers feel like they belong.

Randall S. Oke, President, Oke Woodsmith Building Systems Inc.

George Espanola from Medallion Developments
Medallion Developments logo

We have been working with Jill over the past few years. Her professionalism and commitment to seeing things through is what makes our partnership work. We all get busy and sidetracked on initiatives, objectives and projects, but Jill continually brings the focus back to where it needs to be with our team. We value her input and her dedication to learning about our industry, so her recommendations and contributions are cultivated and well thought-out.

George Espinola | Director, Residential Property Management

Communication Coaching

Jill really puts her heart and soul into you as a client and thrives off seeing you succeed – personally and professionally. You could never even imagine the places that Jill can take you with your business until you experience her yourself. She embraces you fully, your needs are always top priority and you feel very secure and valuable with Jill.

Lisa McLelland, Connection Coach, Beyond Balance

Jenn Todd from Shift Collective
Shift Collective logo

Jill is a genius with words AND with helping you to really pull your message together and be able to deliver it to the right audience. She takes the time to get to know you and your business/initiative so that she can accurately articulate your strengths and personality to your audience in a way that you might not be able to yourself (if not a word nerd!). She helps you to create magnetic attraction. Jill is a blast to work with.

Jenne Todd, The Shift Collective

Elizabeth Shaffer, owner of Therapeutic Innovations
Therapeutic Innovations logo

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Jill. Her Strategic Communications Planning expertise helped me clarify how to best connect to my audience. Using the online platform to spread knowledge and support was new to me as a clinician who only worked with people in person. She also helped me with my branding language and wording on my website, saving me lots of time and mental energy as I could not find the right words. Thank you, Jill!

Dr. Elizabeth Joy Shaffer, Founder of Therapeutic Innovations International, LLC

Steve Dietrich from AGF Rebar
Therapeutic Innovations logo

I first met Jill when I was seeking help to be effective in a new work role. The task was to create an effective social media presence with the goal of business development.

For a small cost, I signed into a Social Media workshop led by Jill, where I saw how social media could effectively get my business known.
Her friendly and enthusiastic style convinced me to dip my toe into her Strategic Communications Planning Challenge which gave the practical strategies in designing and implementing my social media plan.

I learned that blogging was an effective foundation for the content that I could parse into social media’s various outputs.

That led me naturally to her Blogging Course and a Blogging Membership Group, where she gave me the mechanics/formula to write a blog people will want to read. For a math and science guy like myself, she made proper grammar seem like fun.

If you can visualize yourself following this kind of journey, I highly recommend Jill to be your tour guide.

Steve Dietrich, VP Business Development, AGF Rebar Inc.

Speaker Training

Kay Habib from Skilled Accents
Skilled Accents logo

Working with Jill to prepare for my speech for a Women’s Day event was simply wonderful! She takes the time to understand who you are as a person and then brings out the best in you not just by getting the key points in the story you are telling, but also expression, body language and is always there to give you the best and honest, constructive criticism. I know that I couldn’t have done the speech without Jill in such an impactful way. People still approach me and remember me from the story I told and compliment me on how I told my story. All with Jill’s help!

Kay Habib, Skill Décor and Skilled Accents

Jill’s assistance with my academic presentation was nothing short of incredible. Jill took my highly academic, statistical presentation and turned it into a series of stories that captured the minds of the entire audience, regardless of cultural background. The audience was captivated by the stories, and connected personally with them in such a way that they gained more from the presentation than they would have had they just been listening to statistics. Same information … told through fables … what an excellent result! With over 30 countries present, the script was modified to more plain English from that of academia and no one was left behind in language or content.

Cameron Stevens, President/CEO, stevensE3


Jill offers several types of dynamic workshops on many aspects of communication, marketing and public speaking. The one I chose for my staff covered grammar, usage and punctuation, and she managed to make this usually dry subject matter funny, as well as useful. She used games and music to keep everyone engaged. One of my staff commented on her feedback form: “Jill had a great mix of paperwork, discussions, breaks and review.” They all agreed that they would recommend workshops and presentations made by Jill and would like to attend others.

Lynne Gaudet, Associate Registrar, Fanshawe College

As part of our celebration of International Women’s Day, I booked Jill for three workshops on public speaking, networking and handling difficult conversations. I found her to be very personable and relatable but also professional. Her experience and credentials are impressive, as well. Jill’s presentations were informative and dynamic, especially hearing concepts of “getting started” delivered in to and easily digestible and actionable way because we tend to overthink things and it doesn’t need to be that complicated most of the time.

Michelle Guenette, Director, Branch Operations, CHRP, CIBC Wood Gundy, CIBC Private Wealth

We are a small volunteer board with several communication challenges. Jill provided our non-profit with a workshop on strategic communication planning that helped us brainstorm, prioritize and plan our communication goals. She stimulated the group and helped guide us as we worked through various ideas. Our board came out of the planning session motivated and focused on working towards our goals.

Natalie Ladly, President, CDKL5 Canada

My staff and I recently had the privilege of participating in an elevator pitch workshop by Jill Ellis-Worthington with Write On Communications. This workshop proved to be an invaluable experience, significantly enhancing the skills and confidence of our team members.  One of the most remarkable outcomes of this workshop was the boost in confidence that it provided to our staff. Jill created a supportive and encouraging environment, allowing each team member to step out of their comfort zone and explore their full potential. Overall, this elevator pitch workshop has had a profound impact on our team. It’s more than just a skill-building exercise; it’s an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Jill offered a unique and comprehensive guide for crafting an effective elevator pitch tailored to each individual’s identity and the value they bring to the table. We wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to any company or individual looking to improve their communication and networking skills. It’s a transformative experience that leaves participants equipped with the tools and confidence to navigate the business world effectively. 

Dayna Simmons, Owner/Broker, Dayna Simmons Real Estate

We were pleased to have Jill Ellis-Worthington as a speaker at one of the breakout sessions for the 2023 BBB Southeast Texas Professional Woman’s Conference. Her session attracted one of the largest crowds at the conference and had enthusiastic feedback from attendees, with some stating they looked forward to applying Jill’s tips to current issues they had. Others said her topic of difficult conversations was done in an understandable and enjoyable way; they took copious notes and some mentioned that she was able to provide a new perspective on this sometimes-touchy subject. Many of the ones that attended her session were eager to sign up for the next event Jill was the featured speaker at. We look forward to working with Jill and having her as a speaker at one of our events soon.

Candace Carver-Brooks, Marketing & Events Director, BBB Southeast Texas