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Al Coombs and I discussed Cam Newton’s performance during his post Super Bowl press conference.

Cam Newton (photo from ESPN)

Cam Newton
(photo from ESPN)

You’re not only representing yourself and your personal brand but also whatever organization you’re associated with, whether it’s a business, your own company, your team, your charity, your church or your family – so being prepared is vital.

How will you answer the touch questions? Have you thought through your messaging if you or a friend gets flagged on Facebook? How will you talk to your child’s teacher about a difficult family issue? What will you say if a family member encounters legal issues?

Cam Newton didn’t represent himself or the Carolina Panthers well but he has a PR team to help him recover.


Large com­pa­nies have pub­lic rela­tions depart­ments to han­dle their com­mu­ni­ca­tion crises, but reg­u­lar folks don’t.

Often they are caught in a dilemma of think­ing: ‘what do I say in this sit­u­a­tion?’ or ‘how should I respond to that?’

With­out the skills to write nuanced copy or craft the per­fect ver­bal response, they can be caught short and end up look­ing bad.

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