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Since you’re the centre of the universe, it’s fine that you stop in the middle of a street, a grocery aisle or even at the top of the elevator to text  . . . right?

Have you ever seen any one pedexting (sometimes called wexting) and run into another person walking in the street or mall aisle? Have you been the person who was run into?

Have you seen someone crossing the street and pedexting in front of a driver making a left turn and almost been hit because he/she wasn’t looking at traffic?

Have you been that person, who is guilty of pedexting at the detriment to others?

Listen to Mike Stubbs and I chat about how such self-absorbed behaviour hurts ones brand in our #PersonalPR segment, heard Thursday mornings at 7:20 a.m. on CJBK’s First Thing with Mike Stubbs and Lisa Brandt.