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Just say no!

Just do it!

Just in time!

All mottos or sayings that we’ve read, used or heard hundreds of time. Memorable yes, within context but I want you to just say no to just.

Often our female urge to minimize is apparent in our speech patterns. “I just wanted to touch base.” “Just a minute.” “Just a quick note to . . .”

Stop the minimizing and drop the just from your written and verbal communication.

You don’t have to justify speaking when you stand to give your elevator pitch. You don’t “just do this” or “just help people by doing that.”

Stand tall, breathe deeply and then proudly announce to the world that you “ . . . “ fill in the blank without using the word just.

Same with emails. How many have you received that started: “I just wanted to ensure . . .“ or “I’m just following up . . . “

I know it’s hard; I’m guilty, too. We don’t want to be perceived as being too pushy, too ‘out there’ or too demanding.

As women, we are the organizers, the peace makers, the calm before the storm. But standing up for oneself in the form of forthright language is important, especially on International Women’s Day. Standing up and speaking one’s peace without apology, even if it’s a hesitant, undercover one like using the world just – just demeans us.

No more just justifying!