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Ghost Blogging

Thought-provoking, informative blogs boost your online presence and get more eyes on your business.

Problem #1

You hate to write! It’s daunting to try and remember which two, to or too to use. You’re a star at what you do but you aren’t comfortable putting words on paper or computer screen.

Problem #2

Where will you find the time to churn out four, five or six blogs every month?

Problem #3

How do you maximize eyes on your blog? Should you divide them with subheads, fill them with jargon to demonstrate your industry smarts? What are the keywords and tags to use to make you searchable?

You have no idea how blogging works, aren’t confident in your grammar or punctuation skills and hate the idea of having to find time to write, write, write.

But you have great content ideas and know you need a blog on your website to take you to the top and differentiate you from your competition.

Hand this problem over to Jill Ellis-Worthington to make blog posts appear before your eyes. Sit down to discuss your content ideas and identify your ideal client – get real penetration by defining who will benefit from reading your blog.

Ghost blogging packages from one per week to six per month or year-long contracts available.