Write.On Communication Services International is a BBB Accredited Communication Consultant in London, ON

Communication Coaching

Uncertain, overwhelmed, spinning in too many directions – that’s how you may feel at various stages of entrepreneurship.

And marketing – that’s a real mystery, right?

To do effective marketing and get the sales you want, you need the right words to connect with potential clients/customers. That’s where I come in because I’m a Communication Coach. I have worked in the world of words (journalism and public relations) for 35 years, so words are my jam.

You’re awesome at what you do, with tight skills to offer clients or great products for sale. But you’re not good at talking about it – at describing exactly what you do or what makes you different from all the others in the same field.

I work with clients, not for clients. So, as you grow into your business, you will become better at communicating your brilliance and passion for your service or product.

My pledge to you: You will be able to speak and write about your business with confidence.

Communications Coaching with Jill Worthington from Write On Communication Services

Programs to power up your communications

Learn to network with Write.On Communication Services
Stay cool when the light shines on you with Write.On Communication Services
Blog like a big dog with Write.On Communication Services

Web Copy – whether your business is bricks-and-mortar or service-based, you NEED a website. Together we’ll conceive copy that converts lookers to buyers: Landing page, About, Services and Contact.

Be a networking ninja – they have to know you before they can buy from you.

  • Pitch: We’ll refine your elevator pitch and give you options for different networking scenarios.
  • Path: We’ll analyze where your target markets hang out, so you’re networking in the right places.
  • Plan: We’ll put together a plan of execution and follow up. Effective follow up is the magic of networking, and my formula gives you a foolproof way to do it.

Powerful Presentations – When you speak in front of an audience about some aspect of your business, you gain instant credibility. 

  • Speech writing – We’ll use my never-fail formula to put together a talk that you’ll remember. You’ll be commanding the stage and talking like a Ted Talk(er).
  • Polish performance – Stage fright be gone, because you’ll be able to remember your talk, and, more importantly, your audience will remember it. We’ll practice together, and I’ll coach you every step of the way until you shine on that stage with a polished presentation.

Blog Like a Big Dog – Reaching potential clients/customers on the web is vital.

The three roadblocks to effective blogging are removed: Time, Writer’s Block and Self-doubt.

  • Online course – check my website for timing and pricing
  • Private one-to-one coaching