Media Relations

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If you want great words to be written about you, we can help!

Every business has a story, and our job is helping you tell yours to the world.  Let us find that kernel, write the press release, put it out in the media-universe and help you reap the benefits.

When working with her public relations and communications clients, Write.On’s mission is to get their story to the media in the most cost-effective way. The Write.On team, led by Jill Worthington, has personal knowledge of the media which gives our clients a leg up on the competition. Because Jill has worked in local and national media for 25 years, her knowledge and connections gives the whole team a leg-up on the competition.

We’ll build you a full media campaign: We know what’s going to make a good story and we have the contacts to ensure you get the attention you deserve. This service includes interview setup and an hour of media training!

Some of our past clients include:

  • Anne Marie Moore of Make it So
  • Wendy Mencel of the Canadian School of Protocol & Etiquette
  • Minto Properties
  • Sara Clarke of London Mompreneneurs
  • London Region Learning Disabilities Association