Write.On Communication Services International is a BBB Accredited Communication Consultant in London, ON

Large companies have public relations departments to handle their communication crises, but regular folks don’t.

Often they are caught in a dilemma of thinking: ‘what do I say in this situation?’ or ‘how should I respond to that?’

Without the skills to write nuanced copy or craft the perfect verbal response, they can be caught short and end up looking bad.

Thursday mornings at 7:20 a.m., Jill Ellis-Worthington, Chief Communicator for Write.On Communication Services, chats with Mike Stubbs on CJBK’s morning drive show to discuss how to handle Personal PR problems.

Jill helps listeners with their communication issues by applying the principles of PR to every day issues.Email image

On December 3, 2015 Mike and Jill discussed an email received from Kathy, a regular listener. She and her husband Dan had received a difficult-to-answer email from their niece. The three had had a run-in at a large family gathering and they wondered if Jill could help them avoid negative family fall out.

In this Personal PR segment, Jill explains that it’s possible to help the other person feel better without actually admitting wrong-doing. She demonstrated how to appear to apologize without actually apologizing.

Listen here to see how find out how to answer a nasty email.