In their own words

 I needed someone with experience and the right contacts that I could count on to work with me to develop messages for the IPM and to “keep the ball rolling” while I travelled for 2 months.

Write.On quickly understood what was needed to get the job done, and demonstrated a willingness to do whatever was needed to make sure our message got to the right people. I knew the job would be done well and on time.

Valerie Cron, IPM


I trust Write.On to follow through on what they say and to also follow up with me to make sure I am doing what I am supposed to be doing for myself and for my business.

Give Write.On a call, talk to them and share your thoughts and ideas. One of their many great talents is getting the ideas/thoughts in your head formed into a plan where you can see results quickly and have the confidence to keep going.

Christine Noble, author of Kikkyboo book series


I am delighted to have Jill Ellis as part of The Beat magazine’s freelance team. Her stories are always filed on time and a pleasure to read.

Nicole Laidler, Editor, The Beat magazine



 Write.On provides stress free planning for all our media relations; they are excellent at teasing out the necessary information that media outlets require and setting up interviews. They handled all of our PR and this resulted in increased exposure and enrollment in our courses.

Wendy Mencel, the Canadian School of Protocol & Etiquette


Write.On are true professionals, who take an assignment seriously, do the homework and legwork necessary to craft an interesting and compelling story and deliver on time.

Chris McDonell, Publisher, eatdrink magazine



 Working with Write.On has given me peace of mind in business because I know the PR suggestions and follow-thru that they make will be exactly what I need. I am able to trust their guidance because of the vast experience and I find the writing really captures the essence of the message I’m trying to get to my potential clients and customers. They are easy to work with because they really listen to your needs and ideas and delivers a product that will help promote your business in an effective manner

Janis M. Hannan, HEART GIRL