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6 Workshops with communication coach Jill Ellis-Worthington of Write.On Communication Services

You have a great business and are great at what you do but communicating about it when you write or speak is daunting! You’re not sure about how many commas you should use and where they should be placed in a sentence on your social media. You hate giving your elevator pitch because everyone else’s sounds so professional and yours doesn’t. You’re afraid to speak in front of audiences and freaked out about how to go about writing a speech. You hate networking because it seems pointless and doesn’t lead to business.

All of these things are holding you back from growing your business, taking it to the next level and really seeing results in your bottom line. Write.On Communication’s workshops ensure that you’ll say the right things to the right people in the right ways at the right times.

Each two and a half hour workshop will maximize interaction and generate maximum content, using Zoom. In your own space – work or home – on your laptop, tablet or phone, a limit of six participants will complete each live session with the right words to grow your business now. Live participation will ensure immediate feedback from other participants and facilitator Jill Ellis-Worthington. Recorded sessions also will be available for later reference and/or if you’re not able to make each live session.

Workshop 1:   Who, what, why, when, where?

Strategic Communication Planning – this is where we discover the answers to these and other questions: What is the right approach for your target market? The language you use to reach an audience in the construction field is not the same as how you speak or write for those who work in healthcare. Who needs your product and how should you approach them? What are the most effective platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and media (local newspaper, national magazines) for you and your business to gain attention?

Take away: you’ll have a comprehensive strategic communications plan at the end of the session to use in creating and executing content for your website, social media and blogs.

Workshop 2:  Write right

It’s not your fault that you misuse your and you’re; that you don’t know the difference between their, they’re and there; that commas are a mystery and semicolons are scary. There’s no faster way to look unprofessional than making a glaring grammatical gaffe on a Facebook post; nothing looks worse than spelling a word wrong on a piece of business correspondence. Spelling, grammar and punctuation aren’t taught in schools any more but you need to know them to write right.

Take away: You’ll leave with the confidence to write using better grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Workshop 3:   Blog like a big dog

Everyone says you need to blog, blog, blog – but you hate to write. What will you write about? What will your readers want to read? How will you make your blog the one that gets read among a sea of others floating in cyberspace? You have some good ideas but you don’t know how to get them out of your head and onto the paper or screen. Learn how to write blogs that get attention and convert social media ‘friends’ into fans and fans into paying customers/clients.

Take away: you’ll leave with ways to get reader attention and stand out in the ocean of blogs; you’ll have a list of blog topics to execute on and you’ll write one blog entry (or more) to post immediately.

Workshop 4:  Shine when the spotlight shines on you

The Dos and Don’ts of media relations – getting media attention is harder and harder as outlets drain resources and numbers of reporters, journalists, editors and photographers dwindle. BUT it’s a key way to gain customer attention and credibility with potential clients.

Take away: You’ll leave with a pitch for a story idea to interest the media in your company and a media release.

Workshop 5:  Pitch perfect

Become a networking ninja – with a pitch, a path and a plan you’ll be in control and building relationships at networking events. Customers want to buy from you when they know you but effective networking is more than just showing up. Strategic networking makes the most of your time and what’s more important than that.

Take away: You’ll leave with an elevator pitch (a brief self-introduction that makes people remember you), a path to networking success and a plan to get there.

Workshop 6:  Powerful presentations

Speaking to audiences is the number one way to build your business. As the person in front of the room, you have instant credibility and every eye is on you. With this foolproof formula, you’ll be a confident speaker and never will have to use notes again when you’re on stage. You’ll be a polished, powerful presenter.

Take away: You’ll leave with a powerful lead to your speech, an outline for your talk and methods for presenting as a speaker.

Get your business communication moving in the right direction today!

Pricing: $995 (plus HST) for all six two-and-a-half hour workshops, paid in full before commencement of session.

Workshops are limited to six participants. Fee includes participation on Zoom and all learning materials.