Write.On Communication Services International is a BBB Accredited Communication Consultant in London, ON

After over four years in business, we knew that Write.On had been the ‘cobbler’s child’ too long. So a re-work of the website and rebranding was in order.Write.On

The new website reflects how Write.On helps our clients more effectively than the old one did. We were new in business at the time it was set up and as client needs have evolved, so have our services.

In addition to feature writing, which remains a strong revenue stream and was our first foray into the business, we also help companies with their website and marketing materials creation needs.

To those we’ve added media relations, as there are so many clients who know that gaining the attention of mainstream media is still a valuable way to grow market share.

The most recent addition to the line-up of services offered are media training and communication coaching.  Write.On is able to help our clients become better communicators with the media, as well as building their confidence in interpersonal communication. Holding the spotlight or getting a dream job, being well spoken and on topic are key.

Write.On’s second in command Erika Faust was our first web developer and did a bang-up job putting together the first website.  Thanks Erika!

This one has been developed by Marijo Swick of www.runningwithcrayons.ca; Marijo is a powerhouse web developer and deserves huge kudos for putting together a website that we can be proud of.  We value her creativity and design sensibility.  Thanks Marijo – you made us look good!

The task of implementing and aggregating new information for the website has fallen to able staffer Alannah Pinhorn, who has also earned our appreciation.

It’s good to have new shoes – if you’re the cobbler’s child – or a new look and/or web presence if words are your business and you want to show off how well you do them!

A blog offering tips and tricks to facilitate your business (and sometimes personal) communication processes is part of the new website as well, so stay tuned for timely updates.

Welcome to the new Write.On Communication Services website.